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Fishing Schedule

What fish are biting & when!

HALIBUT: May 1 - September 30

The halibut are among the largest fish in the sea, averaging 24-30 pounds but can be as large as 730 pounds. The largest concentration of pacific halibut is found in the Gulf of Alaska, comprising 80% of the pacific halibut harvested in the North America. Sport fishing for halibut is very popular in Alaska - some say it's an experience you'll never forget. To catch halibut, fisherman use boats that hold large rods and reels with 80–150 lb line attached, and will bait with herring, large jigs, or whole salmon heads.

SALTWATER KINGS: May 1 - June 30

The largest saltwater kings are caught in summer and early fall when mature salmon move toward freshwater spawning grounds. In spring, fish the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Trolling or mooching (drifting) with herring, jigging with any of several baitfish-imitating metal jigs, or trolling with plugs, spoons, plastic squid or other artificials. Fishing near the bottom is often the key to success.

KENAI KINGS: May 1 - July 31

The Kenai King Salmon, also known as the Chinook is the largest species of the salmon family and the most prized catch due to it's large size and excellent flavor. Sizes average 10-50 pounds but may reach 130 pounds. The largest caught to date was 97 pounds, on the Kenai River. King Salmon are caught by ocean trolling with bait, casting and retreiving in rivers, and fly fishing - using large tackle or hooks baited with eggs.

SOCKEYE SALMON: June 11 - August 15

Sockeye salmon are also called red salmon or blueback salmon. Bristol Bay, Alaska, is home to the world's largest sockeye salmon harvest. The average size is 6-10 pounds and can weight up to 15 pounds. To catch sockeye salmon, fishermen cast and retrieve with flies and tackle, drifting eggs, dip netting, and cean trolling.

RAINBOW TROUT: June 15 - October 31

Rainbow trout are a highly desired food and sportfish and are a popular target for fly fisherman. They average 3 to 10 pounds, but can be as large as 30 pounds. Rainbow trout are caught by casting and retrieving with bait.

SILVER SALMON: August 15 - September 30

Silver salmon (also known as Coho Salmon) average 8-12 pounds and can weigh up to 20 pounds. Silver salmon are caught by casting and retrieving in freshwater, trolling or drifting near shore in saltwater.